EasyLoad Compact

The ultimate on board flexible loadsystem for cargo vans - Ford Transit Custom/Connect, Vauxhall Vivaro and Volkswagen Transporter or Renault Traffic!

MAD launched a revolutionary loading system for vans in 2010, the EasyLoad!  The solution to safely, quickly and responsibly load and unload cargo.
For almost each van we have a suitable solution. We give you a personal advice for the best solutions and detailed prices.
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EasyLoad Compact
MAD has now developed, especially for the smaller cargo van, a new loading system. The EasyLoad Compact! 
A compact version of the famous EasyLoad loading system.
One of the unique features of this system is that it can load at the back but also from the side.

Easy to operate


The convenient and easy to operate EasyLoad Compact for virtually any van is the solution for loading and unloading of heavy cargo. The sliding boom can be turned round and can lift loads up to 200 kg.

The EasyLoad Compact can be operated with one hand and is mounted in a self-supporting frame, so that the forces are absorbed by the floor, not through the roof. When switching to a different model van, the  EasyLoad Compact can be easily removed and refitted
(photo:Unloading a heavy barrel on de site door from Mercedes Citan). 


Responsible and effective

The EasyLoad Compact relieves drivers and prevents back problems. The EasyLoad Compact increases the flexibility and productivity of your fleet. One person operation without the need for a drivers mate allows efficient and optimised deliveries.
(photo: Frame for Mercedes Citan)

Customization is possible

For many goods there is a matching range of lifting equipment available, such as pallet hooks, barrel clamps, slings and round slings. Wim Nell, Product Manager at MAD: "Some applications require customized lifting aids or other adjustments. We have the technical knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for almost any load issues. "More information about the Easy Load Compact can be found at www.mad-easyload.com. For advice or for answers to technical questions, please contact Wim Nell MAD: +31 318-58 61 00.

Technical data:
Maximum lifting capacity:
Length when retracted:
Maximum load height:
Dead weight:
Winch specification:
Winch operation:
Slide system:
Back and forward system:
Lifting speed:
Cable thickness:
Average installation time:
200 kg
110 cm and 130 cm
250 cm (minus the height of the interior space)
85 kg (including winch and mounting frame)
12V 100A
electric via pushbutton handheld
10 cm per second
ø 4 mm
4 hours
CE, NEN-EN-14492-2
MAD also supplies EasyLoad 500 kg lifting capacity, Powersprings, being an extensive system for all loading issues, as well as interactive air suspension systems. Further information from your workshop or dealer.