The MAD DA2002 is developed on the bases of the DL8700. Listening to remarks out of the market we developed the DA2002.

The DA2002 is different from the DA8700 on a few functional points and outer characteristics.

The handle makes mounting and transport of the DL quicker and more safe. The DL has two operation panels on each side this gives that the buttons are always on the safe side away from the turning parts. The inside of the machine is covered with an aluminum casing which covers all the electrical and rotating parts of the DL. The Feedmotor of the DL works on 36Vdc this low voltage is safe to work with for the mechanic. The DL is made as short as possible, this makes it possible to machine discs on the rear axle. The drive unit of the DA2002 has two speeds (80 and 160rpm). The mechanic can choose the correct speed for the best result.

To adjust the machine you can use the buttons for fast and slow forward/backwards.

The DL has two different length mountingears which ensure, together with the USM, that the machine can be mounted on the short possible way for an optimum result.

Technical specifications DA2002

Machining results                       
Disc oscillation <20 µm RA / 0.0008"
Thickness variation <20 µm RA / 0.0008"
Surface roughness <1 µm RA / 0.00008"
Max. brake disc thickness 41 mm.- 1.62"
Max. cutting depth 0.8 mm.- 0.031" per side
DA2002 working height 450 mm. - 1250 mm., adjustable
DL2002 feed speed                    
Autofeed 1 6 mm./min.- 0.23"/min.
Autofeed 2 12 mm./min.- 0.46"/min.
< > 50 mm./min.- 1.97"/min.
<< >> 475 mm./min.- 18.7"/min.
DU2002 drive speed                   
Variable speed 80 - 160 rpm
Electrical specifications            DL2002                         DU2002
Voltage 36V dc 100 - 240V/50Hz
Current max. 2A. 2.4 / 3 A.
Power 70 w 0.18 / 0.37
Weight and dimensions             DL2002                         DU2002(incl. accessories)
Dimensions 25 x21 x 21cm. 88 x 76 x 135cm.
Weight 7,8kg./ 17.2 lb 49 kg./ 108lb