Universal Mounting Adapter DA2002

Universal slide mounting

The new MAD UMA 2015 mounting adapter offers you more convenience, coverage and time saving as a result of its use.

Major advantages

  • Save time with quick and easy mounting
  • Less mounting parts
  • Universal system; will fit on almost every passenger car and light commercial vehicle
  • The sliding system assures a precise lateral centering between the disc aligner and brake disc
  • Perfect machining results with the DA2002 and DA8700


How does the mounting system work?


The new green coloured UMA is mounted with two brackets on the caliper ears of the car. The brackets are specifically disigned for mounting on the caliper ears with or without thread.

For rapid mounting, the UMA brackets have special inserts to match all bolt diameters threaded and none threaded.

After fitting the mounting adapter, the On The Car Lathe is fitted on the sliding piece. The sliding piece assures an accurate lateral centering between the disc aligner and the brake disc.

The green UMA 2015 replaces almost all dedicated adapters (QMP), USM’s and universal red and blue mounting plates. Shims are no longer needed.

Much easier, much Quicker!