With the introduction by MAD of the DA8700, a new term was added to the shop-floor jargon: aligning brake discs on the car.

The DL8700 is a precision tool. It is cast in one piece. To ensure long and accurate life, the DL8700 is heattreated after processing. The tool is then treated with nitrotec to prevent the formation of rust and given a good look with a special wax treatment.

The unique guides for the cutter holders and the very short, solid clamps to the car enable the definite elimination of the vibration problems.


Due to the popularity of this machine, MAD has decided to restyle the machine and to give it a few new features:

  • Higher torque
  • Due to new slides the machine is shorter
  • New cutter holders
  • More stable stand
  • More storage space
  • User friendly Modern looks
  • Quick mounting with USM
  • Homologated by over 20 different car manufacturers

Technical specifications DA8700

Technical specifications DA8700

Machine results                                  
Disc oscillation <20 µm RA / 0.0008"
Thickness variation <20 µm RA / 0.0008"
Surface roughness <1 µm RA / 0.00008"
Max. brake disc thickness 39 mm.- 1.55"
Max. cutting depth 0.8 mm - 0.031" per side
DA2002 working height 1020 mm. - 1200 mm./ 39,37-47", adjustable
DL8704 feed speed                            
Autofeed 1  8,5 mm/min.- 0.33"/min.
Autofeed 2 --
< > manual
<< >> manual
DU8604 drive speed                           
Speed 1 100 rpm
Speed 2  
Electrical specifications                  DL8704                                 DU8604
Voltage 100 - 240V/50Hz 100 - 240V/50Hz
Current max. 0.02A 6.8 A.
Power 5 W 0.37 kW
Weight and dimensions                   DL8704                                DU8604(incl. accessories)
Dimensions 27 x21 x 17cm. 76 x 79 x 135cm
Weight 6.2kg./ 13.6 lb 37 kg./ 81.4lb