Options DA8700

Option No. Description  
USM2002-B3 Universal Slide Mounting with inserts for caliper ears with thread.
220000BL Extension brackets for USM2002-B3, for large brake disc diameters.
USM2002-R2 Universal Slide Mounting for caliper ears without thread.
 220000RL Extension brackets for USM2002-R2, for large brake disc diameters.
 QMP Quick Mounting Plate. For fast and easy mounting of the disc-lathe. Brand specific option. For your brand contact your local MAD dealer.
SK-509C Drive adapter specially for 4WD vehicles with large wheel hub.

Silencerband for discs SK-402 for diameters 175 up to 240 mm discs. SK-410 for disc width from 240 mm upwards. To reduce noise and get a smooth finish. 

SK-577 Cardan drive, this axle makes a rigid coupling with the wheel hub and compensates larger angles between the drive unit and the hub.
TG2201002 2-pack toolbits (with cross head M2.5 screws)
TG2201003 2-pack positive angle tool bits (with cross head M2.5 screws)
SK-425 Universal mounting kit