• New: EasyLoad with certified anchor point for fall protection


    Use of a separate tripod is no longer necessary. Well thought-out system for easy and safe descent and hoisting of equipment and persons. The ideal solution for sewer inspection and renovation.                                                                                                 



    Optimal efficiency

    Save time and money and carry out sewer inspections and renovations more efficiently. The latest EasyLoad in the range provides the solution for this, as the loading and unloading system for commercial vehicles now has a certified anchor point for fall protection in addition to a hoisting hook. This is located at the end of the boom. A fall arrest device can be attached to this, which prevents persons from falling into the shaft when descending to the sewer. This eliminates the need for a tripod as a free-standing anchor point for a fall arrest device. And for lowering equipment or lifting heavy manhole covers, you can use the hook of the same EasyLoad. Two different functions have been cleverly combined in this new type of EasyLoad.



    Safety first

    In addition to saving time and money, the EasyLoad with anchor point for fall protection also ensures that employees work safely and responsibly. With a capacity of no less than 500 kilos, it is ideal for moving heavy equipment that is needed when renovating the sewer system. The boom has a maximum reach of 1.20 m behind the vehicle. Boom and winch are electrically controlled by a simple remote control. This can easily be operated with one hand. Additional devices for the transport of equipment and people to the sewerage system are therefore not necessary and one is not dependent on the infrastructure on site or third parties. The anchor point for the fall arrest device is certified and complies with safety standard NEN-EN 795:2012. It goes without saying that every EasyLoad complies with the Machinery Directive, which guarantees safe operation of the system.


    EasyLoad: the smart loading system for commercial vehicles

    Is the loading and unloading of heavy cargo an issue? EasyLoad from MAD is the perfect solution. Whether it concerns on-site service, sewer inspections or road works. In all cases EasyLoad offers the remedy. EasyLoad is also well thought-out. The mounting frame is universal and fits in every commercial vehicle. The construction is designed in such a way that there is minimal loss of available loading space; the frame is placed against the walls and the boom hangs from the frame and can be moved from left to right in the vehicle. The operation of the boom and winch is simple, at the push of a button. Various options are also available, such as a winch with an extra long cable, which has a range of up to 17 metres below ground level. With an EasyLoad on board, one person can now load and unload heavy cargo independently, which is extremely efficient.

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  • EC/ECE type approvals by MAD - R10 approval electronic automotive components


    certification of production process through approval of RDW E4 - Conformity of Production (COP)  

    The RDW is the Dutch approval authority that ensures that procedures of the ECE (Economic Commission Europe) Framework Directive 2007/46/EC and Agreement 1958 are followed in accordance with the regulations.  As a manufacturer, you must demonstrate that you control all processes in relation to the legal aspects of the products you supply.
    At MAD, an audit was carried out by the RDW and successfully completed. This approval ensures that from now on MAD will start issuing the ECE-R10 quality mark. This ECE mark will be applied to electronic products and components such as compressors and automatic height control.
    The ECE quality mark guarantees constant performance and guidelines followed for products supplied by MAD.
  • Auxiliary springs for electric commercial vehicles


    Looking for auxiliary springs for a light commercial vehicle with electric motor? Then we’ve got good news for you! Our auxiliary spring sets are also compatible with the following electric vehicles:
    • Renault Kangoo Zoë
    • Renault Master
    • Volkswagen e-Crafter
    • MAN TGE
    • Nissan NV200

    For further information, please contact our Sales support department via + 31 318 58 61 00 or These sets will also be added to the catalogue very soon.

  • MAD EasyLoad and Suspension goes to America


    MAD has found a partner in America who will start selling the EasyLoad and the Suspension in America.