Onboard loading system for trucks

Our partner in Greece NIKO HELM Hellas SA developed together with our MAD EasyLoad a special frame for trucks. 

Ideal for sideways loading and unloading heavy goods on trucks with trailer. A nice solution!


Onboard loading systems are effective tools that allow heavy machines and materials to be loaded into, and unloaded from, trucks. The EasyLoad can be operated with one hand and is able to lift weights up to 500 kg.
Special load lifting tools are available for almost all transport issues, and include metal clamps, lifting straps & slings, drum clamps, pallet hooks and permanent lifting magnets. As a result, loads can be loaded and unloaded by a single person. In principle, this means there is no need for co-driver.

Please check the EasyLoad brochure or contact us for more information or tailor-made advice.