MAD Air Master


MAD Air Master Automatic is a height levelling air suspension system 


With the Air Master Automatic the vehicle maintains the programmed standard ride height under all circumstances.  Laden or unladen.


The system consists of a magnetic sensor, ECU, magnet, solenoid valve, compressor and wiring harness.

The smart air solution is linked to the air bellows and every 25 seconds the ECU controls the height of the car and adjusts it if necessary.
This can be applied in combination with a basic airspring kit.


Why MAD Air Master Automatic ?

  • Better road holding and handling when laden, enhanced stability
  • Constant tow ball height
  • More suspension travel with full load
  • Improved driver comfort
  • No moving parts
  • No influence of the driver
  • Insensitive  to dirt
  • Simple to install
  • Pre-assembled compressor with bracket
  • Tüv Approved