Auxiliary Springs | Comfort & Safety working together

MAD Auxiliary Springs provide auxiliary suspension for any car, made to measure. They complement standard springs precisely, neither more nor less than necessary. Even though they are always there, you will never notice it. You will only miss them when they are no longer there.

That is why experts recommend MAD, professionals install MAD and drivers who want to combine safety and comfort choose MAD Auxiliary Springs. They are designed for any type of extra load on standard car springs.


  • Reliability - MAD products come with lifelong warranties (click here for warranty Policy)
  • Low cost - quick to install, no worries or construction work
  • Quality - recommended for by manufacturers
  • Specially developed for each car model.
  • Convenient, no adjustments of original springs
  • Saves on maintenance and repair costs.
  • Production in accordance with ISO and TÜV requirements


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