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Disc Aligning with MAD, still full in demand:

As before, MAD Disc Aligners are still setting the benchmark for machining of brake discs. Whether they are used on cars, vans, trucks or busses. The many approvals from manufacturers confirm our high quality and reliability. Unique to the MAD Disc Aligners is the system of parallel mounting which guarantees precise results. The mounting on the calliper ears ensures absolute parallelism between the discs and the brakes. Other machines that use hub mounting can only achieve our exact results with strenuous external techniques.

DA 8700      DA 9000      DA 2002
For cars and vans   For trucks and busses   For cars and vans
The profitable classic with handwheel in a new look. For 99% of all cars and vans.   Aligning system with powerfeed motor. Approvals from DaimlerChrysler
  The ultimate system with full electronic control and USM quick mounting system